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Remember the girl you always saw doodling in your high school Home Economics class? Ever wonder what happened to her or, perhaps more grippingly, what became of her doodles? Yeah, well, me neither. But suffice it to say that she (I) has (have) late-bloomed into the calligraphizing wonder whose website you have so fortuitously chosen to visit.

Welcome! Please make yourself at home.

Many years have passed since [I passed] Home Economics class, but I've never lost sight of the doodle. I'm proud to say that, since then, I've taken my doodling to all-new heights -- to the top of my Carroll Gardens walkup, to be precise -- where, from my outpost on 5th Street, I've generated a portfolio of original calligraphic fonts (some of which got their "start" in Home Ec and remain, today, among my most-requested styles), as well as a few time-honored classics.

I've artfully addressed thousands of wedding invitations, have fulfilled countless individually commissioned projects, and maintain my active membership in the Society of Scribes. And I'm thrilled to report that my work was most recently featured in the February 2012 edition of "Brides" magazine.

Thank you for visiting. (Small curtsy)