hand-lettered calligraphy 



After an initial consultation discussing the calligraphy services you are looking for, a deposit of $25 will be asked to reserve you a spot in the calendar. A method of payment will be set up for you via PayPal.


Please order at least 20% extra for corrections and additions. You may mail all envelopes to our studio (469 Saint John’s Place #1A, Brooklyn, New York 11238) or request a pick-up arrangement in Manhattan.


Send along your guest/address list in a Word document or Excel spreadsheet to sarah@nyccalligraphy.com. Have names written out fully as you would like to see them appear (with or without titles, "and family", etc.). Address abbreviations should be written out as well (Avenue, Post Office Box, New York…with the exception of Washington, D.C. In other words, keep the “D.C.”). Be clear with any international addresses as to correct formatting and line breaks. 

Feel free to consult the following sources for more information on etiquette:  Emily Post’s "Wedding Etiquette," Crane’s "Blue Book" and the Bride’s "Book of Etiquette." However, not all situations and living arrangements are addressed in these books and, here at NYC Calligraphy, we believe in a post-stodgy world of personal emancipation, so feel free to exercise your aesthetics accordingly. 


Once we have received your materials and guest list, we will create a couple styling options sent via e-mail for you to proof. Once you’re over-the-moon with delight, we’ll proceed with the entire set. If you have no preference or are open to suggestions, e-mail images of your envelope and its contents (i.e., a .jpg or proof form your printer/designer); it’s quite fun for us to use these as a point of inspiration in making custom stylistic/ink/script suggestions. There is no extra charge for this consultation.


Prices reflect standard black ink, and white/ivory unlined envelopes. A $20 ink-matching fee applies to custom colors and/or dark-colored envelopes. Any questions? Give our studio a call. 


Typical turnaround time once materials and guest list are submitted is 10 to 12 business days. Once calligraphy styling has been approved, a payment request for the balance will be set up for you. Naturally, feel free to wait to pay until the job is completed to pay in full. We will either send the completed work via priority mail or, as Mother Nature and logistics permit, hand deliver the goods to your doorstep.